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Gutschein von: Adler
Gutscheinvorteil: 15 Prozent
Gültig von: 01.06.2012
Gültig bis: 04.06.2012

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Janais schrieb am 04.07.2015:

It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of sunnihse.

Karmen schrieb am 02.07.2015:

hey! first time on your site via joythebaker. p.s. i just made your aruugla avocado salad and it was divine. hit my postpartum craving spot on i wanted to ask you. what color is your living room walls? I've been looking for a good grey for ours and i ALWAYS love choosing a color i've seen vs. using the 1 x1 paint swatches thanks!

Ger schrieb am 30.06.2015:

I loved this blog! Just yesterday while mitneoning a few great things that are happening for me as a result of inviting people to take the gratitude challenge, my friend (who I have invited several times to consider network marketing) said don't forget your poor friends when you get rich . My reply was that I am hopeful my poor friends are not on that team that waits for over saturation to get with the program especially when they had someone willing and dedicated to coach them and help them to expand on this opportunity and their bilangual skills. Then I asked yet again are you really on THAT team? That poor friend said hummmm I need to seriously think about this! Network marketing does work EVEN when I don't know what I am doing/my computer skills are lacking/the app didn't work/ my booth fell over AND when my friends say no and or laugh IT WORKS because I WORK no matter WHAT!

gizbacioms schrieb am 03.10.2012:

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rfnjklnnkzn schrieb am 01.10.2012:

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Daniel schrieb am 01.10.2012:

This is a most ufseul contribution to the debate

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